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AFYASEND is an online platform for direct payment of health care services that are purchased by a sponsor to benefit family, friends and others in need. It provides unique packages of health care services which are negotiated with doctors, hospitals and other service providers to be purchased online. AFYASEND particularly targets the Diaspora living outside their countries as well as the in-country Diaspora who live in towns away from their rural homes. The direct payment to providers through AFYASEND ensures that beneficiaries receive the care they need instead of using Diaspora funds for competing demands.

The vision

To be a leading provider of technology-based client-driven access to quality health and wellness services


To create a network of providers and services in a market place where clients can choose affordable health and wellness services.

Core Values

High quality . Affordable care . Easy access . Innovation . Continued search for excellence . Respect for Client Choice . Respect for national and international standards and norms . Assured confidentiality

Advantages of AFYASEND

It is simple . It is patient/client driven . It provides a payment system that enables Diaspora in and out of a country to make direct payments to health care providers thus ensuring that their relatives, friends and families would receive the needed care . It re-enforces the patient's right to choose the type of service he/she wants . It has the potential to provide an opportunity for philanthropists, private sector social responsibility investors as well as non-governmental organizations which provide health care to buy bulk BUNDLES OF CARE packages . Overall, and because of its open market competitive nature, AFYASEND brand has the potential to contain health care costs.