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Afya is a Swahili word that means health.
It is a platform that allows you to pay for healthcare services online. It connects health care providers to sponsors who are willing to pay for health care expenses for their families, relatives and friends.
AfyaSend provides a payment system that enables anyone to make direct payments to health care thus ensuring that money sent for health care is not used for other purposes.

Afyasend has a network of private sector health providers who accept negotiated prices for health care packages. The platform also makes it possible for a sponsor or philanthropist to engage the private sector networks through bulk purchase of health and wellness packages to benefit needy communities.
AfyaSend platform is hosted in a Cloud Server which ensures full server protection and minimizes downtime of the system. AfyaSend also uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to secure all client data and ensure that all transaction information is protected from external access.
Anyone buying a health package or product for a relative, friend or people they want to support.
A duly registered health care practitioner who signs up with AfyaSend and provides health care to anyone in need.
Anyone receiving health and wellness care paid for through AfyaSend platform.
AFYASEND provides unique packages of health care services which are negotiated with doctors, hospitals and other service providers.
Yes, everyone including the Diaspora can buy a package.
A Diaspora is anyone living outside their home country. In addition, anyone living away from their rural homes is also considered by AfyaSend to be an in-country Diaspora.
Yes, you can use Visa and MasterCard. Other payment options will be provided in the future.
Yes. AfyaSend encourages individuals and corporations including philanthropists to purchase bulk packages to communities in need.
Call AfyaSend at the provided phone number or send an email.
The packages are prepaid for by sponsors for their relatives and friends and by patients/clients who seek care for themselves.
Afyasend packages can also be purchased by philanthropists and organizations who seek to improve access to health care especially in poor communities.
No. The beneficiary for whom a package has been purchased cannot transfer its use foe another person.
AfyaSend will refund to the sponsor any funds for a package not used to provide care to the beneficiary. Such refund will be done after notification from AfyaSend to the sponsor.
Be sure to contact your service provider and inform them immediately you find out that you cannot make appointments. It is critical that you keep your appointments and be on time for them to provide to you the needed service.
We take the health of all patients very seriously and vet all service providers before including them in our network. Please contact us immediately if you determine that a doctor in our network has lost certification.
Yes, all payments are done online using your computer or phone at www.afyasend.com
Yes, provided you have their contact information we will notify them that a payment has been made to support their health care needs.
Yes you may still use Afyasend to pay for out-of-pocket expences where your insurance cover does not adequately meet your health care needs. Please check the annual limit or capitation your insurance allows for outpatience care.